Terrazzo Floor Restoration, Cleaning, Polishing & Repair

If you have been looking for something that will set your home or office apart from the crowd, giving it a luxurious and glamorous look and feel, then terrazzo flooring could be precisely what you’ve been searching for! Real Shine Stone is your terrazzo floor specialists.

If you would like to learn more about terrazzo flooring, then keep reading while we explain what terrazzo flooring is, how it’s made, and the terrazzo floor services available.

The history of terrazzo dates back approximately 600-700 years ago. Quarry workers in Italy took small marble offcuts home, setting them into the mortar and using them to decorate their floors.

While it has changed slightly over the last 600 years, terrazzo flooring is still the same basic concept — small pieces of or chipping of marble set into cement. Modern techniques, including bespoke designs, polishing techniques, and colouring, have helped to make terrazzo one of the most popular stone flooring choices.

How is terrazzo flooring made, and what are the different types of terrazzo flooring options available?

When it comes to terrazzo flooring, three different techniques are most commonly used. The methods are mechanically made, hand-casting, and poured. You can also choose from either traditional cement-based terrazzo, or epoxy resin-based terrazzo.

  • Mechanically made terrazzo – This when thick sheets of terrazzo are produced and then mechanically compressed. This compression process adds strength to the sheet, which allows it to be cut into thinly sliced tiles. Additional decorative features, including grooves and inlets, can be added to provide custom terrazzo options for your home or project.
  • Hand-casting terrazzo – One of the best ways to get a custom terrazzo flooring effect is to utilise hand-casting. It requires an extremely high level of skill and attention to detail. The consistency of the mix and colouring has to be carefully maintained to ensure an even finished product. The mixture is first laid and rolled. It’s then troweled and allowed to harden for a minimum of three to four days. After that, the final product is cut to the required thickness, ground, and polished.
  • Poured terrazzo – If you’re looking for a seamless terrazzo look, then poured terrazzo could be an option for you. It’s poured directly on-site, which means that there are no joints in the flooring. Once poured directly on site, the area is then ground and polished. You can use cement poured terrazzo indoors or outdoors, but resin terrazzo is mostly used for indoor applications.

What goes into the terrazzo flooring mixture?

One of the great things about terrazzo flooring is that you can throw whatever you want into the mixture. If you are concerned about the environment, you can utilise recycled materials into your terrazzo flooring. You can use your influences to create a custom terrazzo flooring that pairs with your home or building.

Where are some of the different places that terrazzo could be used?

Terrazzo is an attractive and versatile product that can be used in a variety of different locations, either indoors or outdoors. You can use terrazzo for flooring, countertops and bench tops, retail display counters and plinths, wall cladding, stairs, art installations, and in bathrooms and kitchens.

How long does terrazzo last?

Terrazzo is exceptionally long-lasting and durable, and some terrazzo has been in place for over a century. Even terrazzo that has been installed for decades can be refurbished and repaired with expert assistance to bring it back to life. If you have been searching for an attractive flooring or countertop, and want something durable and long-lasting, terrazzo could make an advantageous and beautiful option.

Cement-based terrazzo or resin-based terrazzo, what’s the best option?

One of the great things about terrazzo is the versatility that it offers. You can choose between either resin-based or concrete-based terrazzo options. Each of the techniques has its advantages.

    Cement-based terrazzo

    Cement-based terrazzo gives you a ‘classic’ look and feels for your surfaces. It also has a strong track record for being long-lasting and hard-wearing. It’s also cheaper and more affordable

    than many resin-based terrazzo applications.

    Resin-based terrazzo

    Resin-based terrazzo will allow you to incorporate more colour into your terrazzo. Resin-based terrazzo is also less prone to crazing and cracking and is ideal for thin-set floors where you’re looking for a smooth finished surface.

Real Shine Stone terrazzo applications and services!

When it comes to terrazzo services, Real Shine Stone Ltd should be your first choice. They have many years of combined experience working with terrazzo and understand what it takes to look after and maintain this fabulous surface. When you utilise a professional company such as Real Shine Stone to restore and repair your terrazzo surfaces, you know that your terrazzo is in good hands.

Real Shine Stone Ltd offers a variety of different terrazzo services including:

Terrazzo Restoration  This includes restoration, polishing, and sealing for your exiting terrazzo surfaces, which will bring them back to the glory of when they were initially installed.
Terrazzo Grinding - Real Shine Stone Ltd can grind and polish your existing terrazzo flooring, which will help to revitalise the original look and restore existing surfaces.
Terrazzo Floor Diamond Polishing  Diamond floor polishing will result in a superior finish for your terrazzo surfaces and is one of the best techniques for restoring terrazzo.
Terrazzo Chips and Crack Repairs – If your existing terrazzo needs chips or cracked repairs, then Real Shine Stone Ltd can help to restore your terrazzo.
Terrazzo Sealing – Terrazzo sealing will help to protect your terrazzo surfaces for years to come.
Terrazzo Floor Maintenance – Maintaining your terrazzo surfaces is an essential part of ensuring that they last a long time.
If you have any existing terrazzo surfaces and would like a quote on restoration or maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact Real Shine Stone Ltd. Maintaining your terrazzo is a critical way to get the most out of your terrazzo. At Real Shine Stone Ltd , we have a team of highly qualified and professional terrazzo experts that are ready to come to your home, office, or business and speak to you about your terrazzo requirements. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

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