Stone Floor Restoration, Cleaning, Polishing & Maintenance

If you have been looking for stone floor restoration, stone cleaning, or stone polishing and maintenance, then Real Shine Stone Ltd has your needs covered. With decades of experience working with a variety of different stone surfaces, you know that your stone floor is in good hands.

We have a team of experienced and professional stone experts that have decades of combined experience working with different stone surfaces. They understand the delicate balance that is required whenever you’re working on any stone surfaces.

If you have existing stone surfaces in your home or would like to add some natural stone into your residential or commercial property, then the team at Real Shine Stone would love to be able to come to your property and show you how they could transform it with beautiful, premium, natural stone.

Real Shine Stone has over 20 years experience providing our clients with beautiful natural stone floors. We also provide several other services including marble polishing & restoration, marble repair, marble floor cleaning, natural stone floor cleaning, limestone cleaning & sealing, terrazzo floor polishing & restoration, terrazzo repairs, polished concrete floors, concrete grinding, karndean floor stripping & sealing, jet wash cleaning, high pressure steam cleaning, and low-pressure steam cleaning.

What are some of the benefits of natural stone?

Natural stone will add value and style to any residential or commercial property. There is nothing that looks more beautiful than a professionally installed or restored natural stone floor. A natural stone floor is one of the longest-lasting and durable flooring choices that you can make for your commercial or residential property.

Natural stone floor is hard wearing, versatile, and looks amazing. When you walk into any building that has natural stone floors, you instantly assume that they have money, class, and also style. Natural stone floors are a stunning feature all by themselves and work to create instant floor appeal as clients and customers enter your building or property.

One of the great things about natural stone floors is that they are extremely hard wearing and durable. It’s going to provide you with a longer return on investment compared to tiles, carpet, and laminate. Not only that, but it looks stunning and adds a touch of class to any building.

If you follow the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures, your natural stone floor is going to give you years of joy. It’s important that you follow the correct cleaning procedures as well as use the correct cleaning products as this will increase the life of your natural stone floor.

That’s why natural stone is so popular! When it’s looked after properly, it can last a lifetime, and if there are any cracks or repairs needed over time, then natural stone can be restored so that it looks just as good as the day it was installed.

Real Shine Stone Ltd Mission.

At Real Shine Stone, we have over 20 years of experience working with stone and providing our clients with perfect stone flooring. Our team of experienced and professional tradespeople has decades of experience preserving the beauty and natural character of different types of stone floors. If you have existing stone floors that require a new facelift, then our team of experienced professionals will have them looking like the day they were installed.

Here at Real Shine Stone, we’re committed to constantly improving the service that we provide to our customers. We want to walk away from every job that we complete knowing that our clients are 100% satisfied with their new natural stone floor or restored stone floor.

We make it our number one priority to ensure that we’re consistently delivering excellent results and building strong business relationships with all our clients. We want our clients to recommend us to friends and colleagues as they proudly show off their new stone floors.

We believe that our commitment to excellence, combined with our professional and qualified team members and the latest in industry equipment, leads to the most amazing and beautiful natural stone floors. It doesn’t matter if it’s the entranceway to a hotel, a showroom floor, or natural stone floor in your home, Real Shine Stone will deliver a beautiful and long-lasting stone floor.

If you think natural stone floor could be something you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’d love to have the opportunity to come to your home, office, or commercial property and give you a competitive and affordable quote. We know that you’re not going to be disappointed.

After 15yrs light use 45 sq metres of marble flooring were renovated back to looking new. As all four Ratings above show the job went to schedule, was most satisfactorily finished, and all the while accommodated our use of our home in an efficient and tidy manner. George is a personable, experienced and conscientious workman who we have no hesitation in recommending.

Location: CM2

We spent a lot of time researching for a company to do this . We settled on Real Shine Stone Ltd and are so pleased we did. Georgi was brilliant , very knowledgeable and skilled in his trade . We were able to arrange for the work to be done in the most part while on holiday . This worked perfectly for us and we got to come home to a floor that look as good as new through the whole downstairs of the house . Would thoroughly recommend Real Shine and Georgi.

Location: CM11