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Concrete Floor Grinding Polishing & Sealing

Commercial Concrete Polishing.

  • Concrete Grinding.

  • Concrete Polishing.

  • Remove Glue, Paint, Latex.

  • Concrete Floor Maintenance.

  • Concrete Overlays.

  • Residential Concrete Polishing.

Concrete Floor Grinding, Polishing, Sealing & Maintenance

Give Your Concrete Floor The Same Distinction And Class As Natural Stone.

…And Save Yourself Time And Money In The Process!

Concrete floors are perfect for heavy duty work and industrial environments. They are affordable, extremely durable, and relatively low maintenance.

Our method of polishing concrete takes everything that’s already good about concrete as a flooring option and simply makes it better in every way.

Our signature Polished Concrete floors:

Are extraordinarily beautiful, almost like marble - and they absorb less light, aiding visibility and lighting in your facility instantly

Last for years and years without needing to be refurbished

Are LESS slippery than normal concrete thanks to their incredible friction coefficient.

Don’t require any stripping and/or waxing, just routine and easy mopping

Are incredibly stain resistant with oils, liquids, and tire streaks


In fact, our polished concrete floors have been shown to save you time and money over time in maintenance and upkeep.


So Why Trust Real Shine Stone Ltd ?

Simply put, this is our passion. We’ve spent most of our lives dedicated to the art and science of Diamond grinding and floor polishing, and we’ve developed it to perfection. When it comes to cleaning and polishing floors, our operators are the best in the business.

But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve got a whole list of referrals you can call to hear about our work available by request.

For efficient, effective polished concrete floors that look great and save you money -- don’t settle for second best! Get the Shine Stone Diamond System polish. Call 01708 746 986 today!

How we can help

We offer our concrete polishing services to personal and commercial properties in London and  Essex areas, our well trained technical personnel are ever ready to get to work and happily complete your job with courtesy and happiness