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One of the great things about stone is that it’s durable and long-lasting, but unfortunately, even the toughest stone floors won’t last forever. However, following the correct cleaning procedures and using the right cleaning products will extend the life of your stone floor.

Don’t panic though! The good news is that stone flooring can be easily restored to its original glory and leave it looking just like the day that it was installed. At Real Shine Stone, we offer several different stone restoration services that can help to bring your stone flooring back to life and leave it looking as fabulous as the day it was installed.

If you have been looking for professional stone restoration, just to pick up the phone and contact us at Real Shine Stone. We have established ourselves as one of the most trusted experts in floor restoration, cleaning, polishing, and maintenance.

Stone Cleaning Services

While natural stone floors are long-lasting, they still require a good cleaning to ensure that they maintain that ‘beautiful natural’ look that makes them so popular. Real Shine Stone can come out to your home or business and use professional cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies to help restore the lustre of your natural stone floors.

Cleaning, Polishing, Repairs, and Maintenance

When it comes to the preservation of marble, granite, or limestone, Real Shine Stone are experts and understand just what’s required to restore your stone and bring it back to life. We offer a wide range of services for cleaning, repairing, restoration and maintenance of natural stone floors and surfaces. If you have worn, cracked, or damaged stone floors and would like a quote on restoration, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’ll arrange a date and time that’s suitable to visit and provide you with a comprehensive quote on restoring your stone surfaces to their original stunning beauty.

Vitrification Services

You may have heard of vitrification as crystallisation. It’s a technique that is used to achieve a beautiful gloss finish by removing surface scratches while also levelling the floor. If you are looking to achieve a ‘constant shine’ effect in your office, foyer, reception, or entranceway, then vitrification could be just what you have been looking for.

Stone Floor Stripping Services

Having your natural stone floor stripped will help to remove any build-ups of wax, solvents, and acrylic polishes. We can come to your home or business and strip away any build-ups and help to restore the natural look and feel of your stone surfaces.

Stone Polishing Services

No matter how well you clean and look after your natural stone floors, they can start to get dull over time and lose that amazing luster and shine. Don’t worry. It’s not gone forever. Real Shine Stone can help to provide you with several services that will restore your stone to its original condition and leave it looking as great as the day it was installed. We have a variety of different rotary, planetary, and handheld machines that will leave your stone floor looking absolutely amazing!

Limescale Removal Services

Limescale marks and buildup are an often unavoidable problem. There are a variety of different commercial products available, but the majority of them won’t remove heavy build-up of limescale. Real Shine Stone can come to your home or commercial property and advise you on how we can remove limescale build-up from your natural stone.

Stains Removal

If you have wine marks, scuff marks, oils marks, grease stains, coffee stains, or any other stains and marks, then our friendly and professional team can clean and remove even the most stubborn marks and stains. If you have a stubborn mark or stain, contact us, and we’ll send someone out to give you an estimate on how to help rectify the situation.

Scratch and Mark Removal

If you have light or deep scratches and marks in your natural stone, then it’s not the end of the world. We have a variety of different machines, including sanders and grinders, that we can use to level out and remove scratches on your stone floors. We use a variety of different machines and slowly transition down through different graded pads to leave your stone floors looking just as good as the day they were originally installed.

Stone Re-Grouting and Repairs

It’s unavoidable sometimes that you end up with grime and dirt build-up on your old grout. Real Shine Stone can remove and replace that old grout with fresh new grout that will help to increase the overall look and feel of your stonework. We also provide repair services for cracks, chips, and holes in any stone flooring. We have a variety of different epoxy matching techniques that will completely cover up any scratches, cracks, chips, or holes in your stone flooring.

Tiles and Stone Slab Replacement

With decades of experience working with stone, tiles, and slabs, Real Shine Stone should be your first choice for any tile and stone repairs. We can arrange to come to your home or business at a time and date suitable to you to provide you with a comprehensive tile or stone slab replacement quote.

Stone Flooring and Stone Surface Maintenance

Natural stone floors, like anything else in life, need constant attention and proper maintenance to keep their gloss and good appearance. Even if you have a new floor, don’t neglect further care. It is recommended the floor to be regularly maintained by experienced professionals but how often mainly depends on the amount of traffic into your property.

What’s the best way to contact us at Real Shine Stone Ltd ?

How to contact Real Shine Stone for concrete polishing services!

If you have any concrete surfaces and you would like a quote on concrete polishing, or concrete grinding or concrete maintenance, then don’t hesitate to contact Real Shine Stone Ltd. Maintaining your concrete surfaces is a critical way to get the most out of your flooring and a fantastic way to highlight different areas in your residential or commercial property.

At Real Shine Stone Ltd, we have a team of highly qualified and professional concrete polishing experts that are ready to come to your home, office, or business and speak to you about your polished concrete flooring or concrete surface requirements.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly! Our friendly and professional sales team is always available to answer any of your questions.