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TWINS.TW ANTI-STAIN PROTECTION FOR POLISHED MARBLE, GRANITE AND STONEWARE Characteristics Anti-Stain treatment specifically developed for polished surfaces in marble, granite, and stoneware.TWINS.TW is an excellent water and oil repellent. Solvent-based product. Use On a well clean and dry surface evenly apply one coat of TWINS.TW performing circular movements, using a cloth. Once completely dry, remove eventual exes using a pad or a cloth. On high absorbent surfaces we recommend applying a second coat. Note TTWINS.TW is an excellent water and oil repellent, Although it doesn’t protect from acid attacks (like lemon, wine, coke..). Surfaces treated with TWINS.TW are laboratory certified as suitable for food contact. Upkeep Clean surfaces treated with TWINS.TW using a good neutral detergent (DETERT-WINS). Avoid the use of aggressive and/or concentrated products. Coverage 15-18 sq. m./Lt READY TO USE

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